What are the nuclear technologies of the future?

In an exclusive interview at Enlit Europe 2022, Pamela Largue talks to Michael Crawforth of Rolls-Royce SMR about SMR technology and the future role of nuclear power in the energy transition.

The tumultuous events impacting the energy sector over the past year have highlighted the benefits of nuclear technology, according to Crawforth. This has accelerated the development of progressive nuclear technologies, in turn, causing a new wave of nuclear deployment across Europe.

And this new wave is largely dominated by small modular reactors or SMRs.

“SMRs have a duty at the moment to save the industry”

Mike Crawforth

Unlike large nuclear which is often plagued by cost overruns and delays, SMRs can deliver the energy transition affordably and reliably.

It’s one part of the global renaissance of different nuclear technologies, such as fusion and advanced modular reactors, on the generation horizon.

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