Private wireless solutions for power generation facilities

Digitalize your power generation plants with industrial-grade private wireless and ruggedized user equipment.


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Gas and renewables combined hold the key to a faster energy transition

Accelerated and strategic deployment of renewables and gas power can change the trajectory for climate change.
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UK releases Energy White Paper to map green recovery

The Energy White Paper sets out specific steps the UK government will take over the next decade to cut emissions and support new green jobs.

More advanced wind turbines leading to greater fire risk

The wind turbine industry should expect 1-2 catastrophic fire incidents at an average wind farm during the lifecycle of a wind turbine.

World Economic Forum issues guide to maintaining cyber resilience

The World Economic Forum advises businesses to consider cyber resilience from a business perspective, looking at the cyber element of operational risks to their business.
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Power-to-gas proves least expensive path to net-zero

Carbon-neutral with power to-gas is the least expensive option for US utilities seeking to achieve 100% carbon reduction within the operations of grids.

India: A leading nation in the clean power revolution

India's rapid progress in sustainable economic growth and clean energy can be a model for nations looking to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic through the adoption of green stimuli.