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‘Shock therapy’ spurs the rise of next generation renewables investors

Corporate buyers turn to long-term clean energy PPAs to hedge against rising and volatile electricity prices  The number and volume of renewable energy power purchase...


Phil Thompson on energy storage capacity

How much GWh storage capacity is needed for a resilient energy system?

Phil Thompson, CEO of UK-based Balance Power, explains how much GWh storage capacity is needed for a resilient and renewable energy system.
energy storage

Six questions about long-duration energy storage

To learn more about long-duration storage, John Meier, Director of ClimateBright Babcock & Wilcox, answers six questions.
Siemens Energy Europe Energy Talks, Frankfurt

On Demand: What is Europe’s role in the energy transition? – Europe Energy Talks

You are invited to join Europe Energy Talks hosted in Frankfurt, Germany, which will see experts discuss the challenges and opportunities of the energy transition in view of the expanding energy crisis in Europe.
Robert Denda, CEO, Gridspertise

A smart grid journey with Robert Denda, Gridspertise

In an exclusive conversation with Robert Denda, CEO of Gridspertise, he explains how digital grid solutions are supporting DSOs worldwide.
wholesale gas prices

Europe’s wholesale gas prices continue record-breaking trend in Q3

Average wholesale gas prices in Q3 were 115% higher than the previous quarter, 18% higher than the previous average gas prices of Q1 2022.

UK could look to coal to keep lights on this winter

In its Winter Market Outlook study for 2022/23, LCP Energy Analytics has warned that the UK could experience 10 hours of insufficient electricity supply this winter.