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We know that we need to act now to reach net zero. We also know the key building blocks to make this future a reality: accelerate renewables, phase out fossil fuels, expand the grid and decarbonise industry.

That’s why in 2023, Power Engineering International and Siemens Energy continue with the second season of the Future Energy Perspectives series. Building on last year’s incisive insight from Siemens Energy experts into the essential pathways to-wards a decarbonized world, the new season focusses more on the nuts and bolts we need to turn these goals into reality. For starters, we’ll look at why replacing potent greenhouse F-gases used for insulating switchgear is crucial. We’ll also explain the importance of cybersecurity for power generation and transmission; the prospects of carbon capture; and the role of peaker plants in a new energy system.

In short, it´s clear that to make net zero happen, we also need to get the details right. That’s our aim with the new Future Energy Perspectives series.

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