Optimising asset performance with industrial analytics and AI

Image Credit: ABB Genix

In today’s fast-moving, digitalised, 24/7 production environment, asset-intensive industries are under immense pressure to improve industrial asset productivity, predictability, and life. ABB’s new Genix Asset Performance Management (APM) Suite addresses these pressures head-on with industrial analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).

Industrial Analytics

By leveraging advanced analytics and AI, the Genix APM Suite can estimate the remaining useful life of assets, providing a maintenance plan that can reduce asset downtime by up to 50% and increase asset life by up to 40%.

This is particularly important for customers in asset-intensive industries—energy, manufacturing, marine, process or utility. Because Genix APM is modular, it can be scaled up as the number of assets or production units rise.

Read this whitepaper to learn how ABB’s new Genix Asset Performance Management Suite solves many asset-specific, function-limited aspects of previous-generation asset management technology.

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