Upgrading pumps for the new power generation landscape

Sulzer: Upgrading pumps for the new power generation landscape
Image Credit: Sulzer

Pumps operating in the power generation arena are subjected to considerable challenges, even when they are operating within their original design scope. Varying duty requirements are making it harder to secure pump efficiency and reliability. Start/stop cycles, increased electricity demand, and tightening emissions standards are changing the landscape for operators.

Consequently, operators must now make proactive pump improvements to meet these challenges. Unless these changes are carefully considered and implemented, there will be an inevitable reduction in performance and reliability. For these pumps to be running at anything less than optimum efficiency can affect the whole business model.

With decades of experience in pump design and manufacturing, Sulzer has developed industry-leading technologies to deliver these improvements in the most optimal manner. By harnessing AI data analytics to predict imminent pump failures and turnkey retrofits to bring legacy pumps up to new efficiency standards – operators can benefit from cost-effective solutions to power generation pump challenges.

By collecting performance data to inform pump retrofits, operators can ensure that equipment functions at its best efficiency point (BEP) even when duty requirements change. Furthermore, efficiency and uptime can be increased while emissions are reduced.

Very few providers have the knowledge and expertise to provide turnkey pump improvements from a single source. Sulzer offers streamlined parts manufacturing for retrofits as well as an advanced data analytics platform. Combined, the company delivers expert advice and pump services to power plants around the world.

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