A digital platform to aid Germany’s heat transition

A DigiKoo Heat Concept view of the current heating infrastructure footprint of the town of Lüneburg. Users can also select potential future scenarios to see how this footprint can evolve. Image credit: DigiKoo

E.ON subsidiary DigiKoo and digital energy management firm Intertrust have unveiled the Heat Concept service at DTECH, taking place in San Diego this week.

Heat Concept provides planning capabilities and actionable intelligence on how, where and what municipalities and utilities can do to decarbonize, and reduce reliance on foreign gas imports.

Heat generation in Germany accounts for approximately 40% of the country’s CO2 emissions. Renewable energy heating is therefore essential.

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Understanding decarbonization involves analyzing data from multiple parties as well as sensor readings that need to be authenticated. Intertrust Platform securely manages distributed datasets, respecting regulations.

Heat Concept can analyze a municipality’s heating footprint for structures across a city, creating carbon baselines and analyzing future scenarios. Municipalities and their Distribution Service Operators and energy utility partners can use these results to plan their heating transition strategies and apply for funding from the German Federal government.

“Since heat transition is unique and dependent on each location’s specific conditions, these conditions must be transparent,” said Martin Möller, managing director of DigiKoo. “This transparency is made possible by Intertrust Platform and enables DigiKoo to provide community representatives, network operators, companies and households with a platform where they can exchange information and relevant information is available for all to see.”

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Heat Concept uses an E.ON developed AI platform that interfaces with Intertrust Platform to analyze a wide variety of data from numerous sources such as sensors on heating infrastructure, types of buildings, and socio-economic and demographic data.

Intertrust Platform ensures these datasets are accessed and managed efficiently and securely in accordance with German and European data regulations, and conditions set by the data rights holders. DigiKoo also plans to provide the analyses created by the Heat Concept to the public for community input.

“As Intertrust Platform’s use by major energy companies expands around the world, DigiKoo is an important partner in developing trusted data-driven applications for planning EV charging infrastructure, smart EV charging, and other important elements of the clean energy transition,” said Florian Kolb, Intertrust’s chief commercial officer and general manager, energy.

“Moving to a heating infrastructure based on clean energy is especially critical for Germany and other countries to meet their decarbonization goals and we’re proud to continue to support DigiKoo’s work in this field.”

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