Sulzer acquires stake in plastic upcycling business

Sulzer acquires stake plastic upcycling business
Image: Sulzer/Shutterstock

Swiss company Sulzer has signed an agreement with circular technology firm Fuenix Ecogy to acquire a strategic stake in its plastic upcycling business.

The partnership will drive the development, commercialization and adoption of advanced, fully integrated solutions for plastic waste processing.

Sulzer says the move will allow it to offer complete recycling lines based on Fuenix’s Ecogy technology and Sulzer’s own separation and purification solutions.

The technology from Netherlands-based Fuenix Ecogy converts sorted end-of-life mixed plastic waste into high-value hydrocarbons with ‘virgin-like’ properties.

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The solution offers high recovery and conversion rates, enabling a high degree of circularity in the plastic value chain.

Fuenix Ecogy Group chief executive Sirt Mellema said the partnership with Sulzer “will be key to help us scale our technology and promote its global adoption, so that we can help create a circular economy for plastic waste”.

Suzanne Thoma, Executive Chair at Sulzer, added: “With the acquisition of a stake in Fuenix Ecogy we are enhancing our scope and portfolio in creating fully circular, zero-waste plastic value chains.

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