Webcast Recording | Green is the new black: Oil & gas and the race to energy efficiency

60-minute session

As net zero ambitions escalate, the oil and gas sector needs to double down on efforts to decarbonise and become as energy efficient as possible.

To retain its seat at the future energy table, the sector must embrace accountability, speedy implementation of innovative technologies and resilient business models.

Join our panelists to explore how this hydrocarbon-heavy sector is not only successfully adapting to a net zero world, but in some instances, is leading by example.

  • The role of oil and gas in reaching global net zero goals
  • Building energy efficiency into new facilities, processes and operations across the value chain
  • Leveraging renewable energy and electrification
  • Investing in the hydrogen economy and emerging technologies
  • Pivoting business models to accommodate greener ambitions


Pamela Largue, Senior content creator | Power Engineering International


Robbie Pond, Head of Oil and Gas Sector (Middle East), Aggreko

Jonathan Robinson, Director, Frost & Sullivan

Alexandra Tudoroiu-Lakavičė, Head of Policy, COGEN Europe

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